Tokenizing Research​

Tokenized Research

Utilizing distributed ledger technology to bring transparency & trust into scientific & academic research

Crowdsource research funding

Through a transparent and merit based process, the research foundation provides new avenues for researchers to obtain funding outside the limitations of government and institutional grants.


Data Integrity

Using distributed ledger technology as an immutable version history for research data, most forms of data manipulation and fraud can be prevented from occurring.

Crypto & NFT based incentives

We gamify the process of research by meritocratically awarding the participants and researchers that meet and exceed expectations.

Tokenized Academic Resumé

By distributing Non-fungible tokens on Hedera, we are able to provide researchers and participants an immutable, unforgeable academic record, eliminating "double dipping" based fraud.

Problems in Research

Data Manipulation

By tracking and storing all changes to data on a distributed ledger directly, it will no longer be possible to secretly manipulate data before it goes public. 

Participant “double dipping”

By storing the encrypted identity of participants, research participants can no longer lie about the amount of studies they are currently participating in. This not only eliminates the ethical issues of it being possible for people to jeopardize their health by taking multiple experimental drugs with unknown interactions, but also eliminates potentially inaccurate results in studies.

Underfunded Research

Crowdsourced research funding opens up new areas of research that are typically overlooked by private sector and government grant funding. Using our funding system, self interested actors can no longer wield power over researchers using the threat of pulling funding as a malicious tool to influence the outcome of a study. This also ensures that research with higher budget requirements can get the funding it needs if most researchers agree it deserves priority. 

long term tokenized research roadmap large 2021 to 2022

Earn a unique NFT by participating in our premier study

32 Copies Max Supply – Pre-Alpha Limited Edition 

Recerca NFT 100 limited edition tokenized research ucipt official NFT

*NFT Artwork subject to change

Our Partners & Technology

UCIPT university of california Institute for prediction technology

University of California Institute of Predictive Technology

Project oversight from UCIPT Executive Director Dr. Sean Young.

filecoin partner technology logo


Using Filecoin storage for secure distributed file version management.

hedera hashgraph logo

Powered by Hedera Hashgraph

Using Hedera token service to create and distribute Non-fungible tokens as tools for both receipt and compensation.

provendb logo

Powered by ProvenDB

Using ProvenDB, we ensure end to end data integrity and prevent fraud in research and other forms of data manipulation.

Recerca funding process proposal and voting infographic

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