Each day in 2021, an average of over

80 Billion Dollars
of Cryptocurrency was Traded

Despite this, research participants are still not able to get paid in cryptocurrency for their contributions to science.

Why The Recerca Grant Program?

  • Better Participant Rewards - (For Free!)

    We gamify the process of research by meritocratically awarding the participants and researchers that meet and exceed expectations with exclusive NFTs and cryptocurrency. This comes at no cost to you, but provides a great incentive for participant involvement.​

  • Find More Particpants

    Once accepted into the Recerca Grant program, the Tokenized Research Foundation can offer assistance to your research at every stage of the process. From expanding your pool of participants, to offering council from our network of experienced researchers, Recerca is here to help.

  • Crowdsource Research Funding

    The research foundation provides new avenues for researchers like you to obtain funding outside the limitations of government and institutional grants, while working closely with ethical review boards to maintain legal and ethical compliance.

Provide your research participants the opportunity to be compensated the way they want - using NFTs, Cryptocurrency, as well as traditional research compensation methods.

If you are a qualified researcher that wants to help pave the way to make research more fair and democratic for researchers and participants alike, fill out the Recerca Grant Application below and we'll get in touch.